About Clean Co!

"Two important things are to have a genuine interest in people and to be kind to them. Kindness, I've discovered, is everything."
– Isaac Bashevis Singer

Our Story

Clean Co. was founded in 2021 on the idea of creating a cleaning service that stood apart from the rest. Since our start, we have continuously grown above and beyond the foundation we created for Clean Co. As a Southern NH locally owned small business, Clean Co operates with core values and beliefs: we create high quality customer service interactions, promote a self-starter work ethic, provide effective communication, and build an environment for our team members to obtain success. These core values are the heart and soul of this company and provide the passion and dedication to grow and expand the business as well as ourselves. Thank you for allowing us to be the solution to your cleaning needs.

The Clean Co Mission

Clean Co.'s mission has been to serve and make the lives of our clients easier. We strive to ultimately help working professionals and families get their time back. Our talented team works hard to provide a top tier cleaning experience. We pride ourselves on going above and beyond to ensure that we exceed our client expectations and give them peace of mind with a clean environment to thrive in.

Our VISION is 20/20

We strive to build upon the top-tier cleaning services we provide to our clients and community. It is our vision to become the household name for cleaning services, while being recognized for our commitment to give back to the community extensively.

1, Nashua Rd, Londonderry, NH




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